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When was the last time visitors made a ‘wow’ comment upon entering your living space? Do you regret not doing the required job to make your home alive? This is the story of most households who feel lost when it comes to breathing new life into their old zones. After all, it’s not practically feasible to paint the walls or buy new lighting for every room and corner. The solution is rather simple! Old or new, let your furniture do the talking. How? It’s time you get zippered cushion covers for your sofas, arm chairs, recliner chairs, dining chairs, loveseats and more. And the best part is that you can get unique styles and designs at rates to die for, only if you choose us.

Types of zippered cushion covers

The following images provide you only an example, as we can produce zippered cushions covers of any shape or size .


Tailored zippered cushion covers for your furniture

We are one of the most notable online manufacturers and suppliers of custom zippered cushion covers for all your furniture needs. In fact, that’s not all. You can also get splendid window seat cushions at affordable rates too, if you send us the specifications. Our team works relentlessly to see that you are satisfied with what we have to offer. Unlike most companies that stock in limited sets of such covers, our eclectic collection is largely because of the customization we provide.

Order your custom zippered cushion covers online

The best part about our store is that customer care executives are available 24/7, which will only make the task of selection a rather easy job. Fill up the form detailing what you need exactly and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible. Feel free to discuss with us your requirements and we will continue with the communication till you approve. It is only then that we begin the task and your products will be delivered timely.

Custom zippered cushion covers of the right shape and size for only furniture

One important aspect that we emphasize on is sending photos of your furniture or couches for which you required the zippered covers. There might be seat cushion coversback cushion coversbox cushion covers and more. In fact, sizes and shapes of sofas too vary. For example, you have simple sofas or the L-shaped or U-shaped sectional ones. Do not stress! Our pride lies in having staff members who have gained the required expertise and experience after handling varied needs and demands of customers. So, it is advisable to provide us these vital details before we go ahead with devising a plan for your prized furniture.

As much as the sizes, shapes and forms of your chairs and sofas matter, we cannot leave aside the colors, designs and most importantly, fabrics of the custom zippered cushion covers. We usually allow customers to choose their preferred shade that they find ideal for the living, dining or resting space. But we understand the difficulty it poses in making a choice when they are options galore! We are always ready to help you out, provided we get an idea of the type of furniture you wish to get covered, the background look and purpose. Ideally, there are ten base coordinated colors. You can get them covered in single shades or choose from the designs too. One important thing that our experts usually suggest is going ahead with strong fabrics like jacquard and polyester owing to their anti-shrinkage abilities. Our fabrics come from Italy and with 3 years quality guarantee. So you need not stress on its washing either. Simple and gentle cycle in washing machine will do justice to your choice of fabrics chosen from us. It would be of interest to many customers for our plethora of printed cotton patterns. So, the final pick always rests with them.

We are experts in making custom zippered cushion covers

What has largely worked in our favor is our collaboration with upholsterers who have been operating in this competitive industry for more than 25 years. But just rendering quality upholstery service and then combining it now at our store with the online sales factor, there has been no looking back for our company from the time we started out. Our tailoring ability and experience is unmatched to most other places and that is exactly why you will take a great liking to the final products when delivered. You are sure to be guided through the entire process from talking and discussing your needs to choosing the colors, fabrics and designs. We will design, manufacture and pack all your items with care when ready and ensure the cushions reach timely at your doorstep.

Our mission is providing only high quality manufacture

Our hallmark lies in offering high quality services and products to our clients. The only thing you need to do is read our instructions thoroughly and fill up the form with your details. Once the process gets complete, we get started with the work. We encourage safe and secure payments via multiple options and our shipping is also quite hassle-free. But it is to be noted that modification after confirmation of an order pose real difficulties for us. In case, the production process is over, we won’t be able to help you much, except for the shipping. But we will still try to comply with your requests if possible. Given that our offerings are totally tailor-made, we have no refund policies. Returns are usually not accepted, till the time some production errors have been found.
But one thing is certain- you will only get and pay for what you have ordered. And you will never have to regret with what we provide. Choose us for zippered cushion covers and you will definitely be satisfied.

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