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Talking about the ottomans specifically, these pieces look classy and decorative when kept in the living room or verandahs. Whether yours is a round, square or rectangular shape, our custom ottoman slipcovers can be made exactly the shape you wish to have. Not just that, the size can equally differ like the small and cutesy ones or the oversize ottoman slipcovers and you can be rest assured, we will not fail you. All you need to do is send us pictures of the footstool following the instructions.

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Types of custom ottoman slipcovers


The following images provide you only an example, as we can produce custom ottoman slipcovers with any size or shape

square footstool cover
Square ottoman slipcovers
round footstool covers
Round ottoman slipcovers
large footstool covers
Large ottoman slipcovers
oversize footstool covers
Oversize ottoman slipcovers
trapezoid footstool covers
Trapezoid ottoman slipcovers

Customize ottoman slipcover


The reason we would love to have the pictures when discussing your ideas and infusing our own is largely because the measurements need to be taken for a uniquely small one or an ottoman slipcover large. You might also like to talk about the plethora of styles available, like urban, suburban, traditional, contemporary, cottage and so on. Most customers prefer the one-piece slipcovers while some like it in the long skirt fashion. Few are quite wary about the fitting, so a two-piece straight style or skirt style suits their choice.  Even footstool slipcovers are in vogue. We usually consider our clients’ demands and then start working on the order. And that is where our pride lies! We have collaborated with upholsterers having more than 25 years of experience in offering quality customized upholstery services. And naturally, this helps the company rise in comparison to most others, since we do not showcase varieties galore and then regret not having the particular product of your choice.

Order your custom ottoman slipcovers online


One of the best things about our store is the online accessibility. So you spare yourself the time, energy and transport expenses in visiting a brick and mortar retail store and coming back, without having a one to one interaction with the team. This is not the case here. Our customer care team is present 24/7, which only makes your work easier. Fill up the form attached to the website mentioning your requirements of the custom ottoman slipcovers and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.

How to keep your custom ottoman covers the best


From the design to the manufacture, we will furnish round ottoman slipcovers and square ottoman slipcovers, and definitely at feasible rates. Ideally, you get to have ten base coordinated colors and several prints when choosing your slipcover. Our fabrics are also a plenty, including  cotton and jacquard. For longevity and to prevent the hassles of undergoing frequent washes, we usually recommend tough fabrics like jacquard, or 100% polyester with anti-shrinkage abilities. However, the products adhere to Italian tailoring quality, so a gentle cycle in the washing machine can help you get rid of the dirty stains or fur or any other mark caused to your prized slipcover

Coverissimo: Specialists  in custom slipcovers for ottoman


Once the order is provided and the item supplied, we insist our clients to send us a before and after picture to compare what exactly has changed and how the overall look has been enhanced. In fact, you can take a look at our website replete with few clients’ work to understand the mode of our operations and the transformation we are capable of bringing about at the end. It is with extreme dedication that our workers put in their hard work and strive to attain perfection.

100% custom ottoman slipcovers


So we take the orders quite carefully, lest you are dissatisfied with the final result. But one thing needs to be made clear- any modification at the final stage of the confirmed order cannot be executed. We would insist customers to send a request for change at the earliest, for cancellation when production is over and the item/s are ready for shipping proves problematic for us. Still, we will give a try to comply with your request, if such a case happens.In much the same way, there’s no refund policy at our store. This is largely because we produce 100% custom tailored items. Returns are accepted only if serious production errors have been seen, but it’s safer to send us a mail, attaching a photo too, to specify the exact glitch. This usually helps our team and in turn, we assist you better.We recommend all our customers to read through the instructions carefully before you proceed to give us an order.

Affordable prices for our tailored ottoman slipcovers


On the basis of your order and most importantly, budget concern, we can come up with our solutions. If such things are not specified at the start, resolving at the end is not really an easy job.So what are you waiting for? Get inexpensive custom slipcovers for your ottoman and let your visitors wonder where exactly you got it from! As designers, manufacturers and packers of custom ottoman slipcovers, we will provide you with the best in the market. And as long as you vest your faith in us, we believe we can improve and add more to our creativity.

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