There has been considerable improvement in the present day sofa styles, make and of course, costing. As much you would like to buy a set or two, it’s also imperative you are thoughtful retreading how much you need to shell out for and the very shape of it. To top that, maintenance must not be forgotten either. Ours is one of the prime stores that offer you slipcovers of the widest varieties to choose from. Specifically, the custom sectional slipcovers which are rightly priced to fit the criteria for different types of sofas. So if you care to impart a new look into your existing furniture and think of trying something exclusive bank on our store, which deals with only customized offerings, it’s time you try us.

custom sectional slipcovers

L shaped sectional slipcovers

L shaped sectional sofa slipcovers

Custom sectional chaise loungue sofa slipcovers

Much like the former, the L-shaped sectional slipcovers constitute the other variety in sofa covers. Even for these types, where the number of guests can be accommodate more in number; the exact details must be supplied, so that our expert team knows how customized slipcovers have taken the major share among the covers presently available in the market.order tailored slipcovers

U shaped sectional slipcovers

 U shaped sectional sofa slipcoves

Custom sectional corner sofa slipcovers

Among the sectional variety, the U-shaped sectional slipcovers are highly popular. For rooms with extended corners or just to give a space effect, these sofas are now selling big. Naturally, these too require customized options in slipcovers and our experts will only help with exclusive ones, if the measurements are known well in advance.

order tailored slipcovers

Custom sectional slipcovers for corner, chaise lounge and curved sofa 

At our esteemed store, we try hard to fulfill all the requirements of clients in accordance with the expert guidance of our team. The only thing you need to do is to get started as early as you can. Prior to getting a customized slipcover, follow the instructions as mentioned in the website and take pictures of your sectional couch. Remember that the rules and guidelines vary considerably, as per the sofa. For example, curved sectional slipcovers vary considerably from armless slipcovers.

corner sectional slipcovers

corner sofa slipcovers

curved sectional slipcovers

curved sofa slipcovers

chaise sofa  slipcovers

chaise sofa slipcovers

Step-by-step for order online your own custom sectional slipcovers

The process is rather simple- from the front to the back, right to the left and definitely removing all the cushions, if the sectional sofa has the removable ones; photographs must be clicked from all sides and angles to facilitate the understanding about how the sofa looks like, in addition to the background against which it is placed. Follow the manual present by attaching the photos taken and filling up the data sheet with your relevant information and submit; after which our customer care team will get back to you at the shortest time possible. Only after knowing the exact requirements, the experts then come to the scene and provide their inputs, before deciding on a price quote. It is only after that, the order form needs to be filled. When both the parties are satisfied with the suggestions then only the order goes for processing.

Specialists in the manufacture of custom sectional  slipcovers

It is a matter of great privilege that we have an online presence, which has helped many from far and across to place their orders for customized slipcovers with us. Coupled with that is the collaboration we have with knowledgeable and expert upholsterers with more than 25 years of experience in offering high quality custom upholstery services. Their tailoring experience is unmatched and highly unique, compared to many. So, any product at our store will markedly vary from the ones taken or bought elsewhere. Besides, we look into every minute detail of your prized cover, including the design, manufacture and packing. This certainly gives us an edge over most of our competitors.

The most durable slipcovers fabrics

When choosing the fabrics or shades of your custom sectional slipcovers, you can be quite spoilt for choice. We usually offer you a plethora of shades, ten base coordinated colors to be exact. So you can take any option or maybe even choose an amalgamation of shades. Also, in terms of fabrics, take your pick from anything in printed cotton  to jacquard . Though there’s nothing wrong in having anything for your sofa, we usually recommend trying the jacquard materials having anti-shrinkage abilities. They are tough and withstand extremities like stains, pet fur and wear and tear. All our fabrics adhere to the finest Italian tailoring quality, so you can be sure about 3 years of guarantee as far as quality is concerned.

How much are custom slipcovers for sectional sofa ?

We consider our customers’ needs as supreme. Hence pricing is an essential aspect that we never overlook. Our cheap sectional couch covers will certainly fit into the pockets of many. For those who order products with us can benefit in terms of the multiple payment options available. As regards shipping is concerned, only locals might be entitled to the ‘free’ part. But charges will be applicable depending upon the location and price of the product.  commitment for customers’ satisfaction

One thing we wish to let our customers know that an order that’s confirmed cannot be modified or changed. We assure to try the best of our abilities to modify or cancel if you send us a mail citing the same, but it’s not possible if the order is in the production stage. In much the same way, our company has no refund policy. Since all our items are 100% custom tailored, we might consider the plea if there has been serious production errors on our part. But you need to send us evidence in terms of the product pictures.

So now that you are looking for custom slipcover options, it goes without saying that we will definitely take centre stage.

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