Custom Sectional Slipcovers

custom sectional slipcovers for modular couch

Custom sectional slipcovers for sofas with chaise lounge and modulars block sectional sofas.


The only thing you need to do is to get started as early as you can. Prior to getting a custom sectional slipcover, Remember that the rules and guidelines vary considerably, as per the sofa. For example: To ask for a quote for curved sectional covers, the instructions vary  from chaise longue covers


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sectional chaise loungue sofa

L shaped sectional slipcovers

For L-shaped  modular sofa 2 pieces . 1+1 sectional  pieces with chaise or corner armless sofa piece

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Wide Modular Sofa

U shaped Sectional couch covers

For U-shaped modular sofa 3-pieces or multi sections with modules curved, chaise or corner pieces

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Are you looking for the custom sectional slipcover for your sofa with a particular shape?
No problem ! We will make the slipcover for your couch following its shapes.

Does your sofa have separable back and seat cushions ?
We make custom slipcovers with zippered covers for all loose cushions of yours couch 

Coverissimo is the specialists in the manufacture of custom sectional sofa slipcovers

It is a matter of great privilege that we have an online presence, which has helped  from many United States from f and across to place their orders for customized slipcovers with us. Coupled with that is the collaboration we have with knowledgeable and expert upholsterers with more than 25 years of experience in offering high quality custom upholstery services. Their tailoring experience is unmatched and highly unique, compared to many. So, any product at our online store will markedly vary from the ones taken or bought elsewhere. Besides, we look into every minute detail of your prized cover, including the design, manufacture and packing. This certainly gives us an edge over most of our competitors.

corner sectional slipcovers

Cover For Sectional with Chair Corner Piece


curved sofa slipcovers

Cover For Sectional with Curved Piece



chaise lounge slipcover

Cover For Sectional with Chaise Piece

Replacement slipcover for sofa sectional at an exceptional price.

There has been considerable improvement in the present day sofa styles, make and of course, costing. As much you would like to buy a set or two, it’s also imperative you are thoughtful retreading how much you need to shell out for and the very shape of it. To top that, maintenance must not be forgotten either. Ours is one of the prime stores that offer you slipcovers of the widest varieties to choose from. Specifically, the custom sectional slipcovers which are rightly priced to fit the criteria for different types of sofas. So if you care to impart a new look into your existing furniture and think of trying something exclusive bank on our store, which deals with only customized offerings, it’s time you try us.

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