Custom Sofa Bed Slipcovers

custom sofa bed slipcovers

  • Custom Sofa Bed Slipcovers for: convertibility function sofa bed for  2-seater and 3-seater, Sleeper , Daybed.
  • Sleeper covers with separate cushions or with attached cushions.
  • Couch sleeper covers with square or “T” shaped seats or back.
  • Sofa Bed covers with backrest : linear, chesterfield, Queen Anne and Camelback.
Custom Slipcovers for Sofa Bed and Sleeper Sofa 

How old is that sofa bed in your living room? Were you thinking of selling that off or replacing with a new one? We suggest you bury such ideas! At our store, we help you dream and thereby get custom sofa bed slipcovers that will provide a new leash of life to your old furniture. In fact, for those who are buying new sofa beds, we usually recommend to try from our customization offers, so as to stay apart from the rest in your choices.

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Types of custom sofa bed slipcovers


We manufacture custom sofa bed slipcovers for any shape of couch, for 2 and 3 seat couches both slipcovered and upholstered, with removable or attached cushions. If your sofa is an adjustable headrest sofa, we can make custom couch slipcover with recliner headrest covers.

If your  sleeper  sofa has removable sitting and back cushions or just one of them, we manufacture the covers for every removable cushions of your sofa.

Renew or protect your sleeper couch with our custom sofa bed slipcovers


We are a company that hasn’t started new. For more than 25 years, our trusted employees have been working relentlessly to pursue the dreams of many. We look forward to the goal of not only striving for perfection, but believing in the fact that home décor can have substantial impact on oneself and visitors. The sofa bed covers are essentials as much as the arm chair covers, dining chair slipcovers and so on. There are instances of kids playing on the couches with their pets or creating stains with their stationeries while being seated on sofas or even guests accidentally spilling some food or drink. Hence, the most practical and economical way to protect your lovely sofas from all these and also exposure to the air or termites is getting the inexpensive custom sofa slipcovers.

Order your custom sofa bed slipcover with our online system


What is unique about us is that we are an online unit specializing solely in tailor-made solutions for our clients. By providing them run-of-the-mill slipcovers, the idea behind offering the touch of uniqueness somehow dissipates into thin air! It is exactly why our aim lies in combining upholstery with online sales. Our expert team comprises members with adequate knowledge and experience in the field of tailoring, which only adds to the list of benefits that you can derive from us.

Tailored covers for sleepers couch sectionals


Do not feel skeptical of approaching us simply because your sofa set is not the usual shape or size.  From sleeper sofa sectional slipcovers  to those like the L-shaped and U-shaped ones, we work for every type. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you require custom slipcovers for 2 and 3 seat sleeper sofas. We will get back to you the moment you approach us. All you need to do is fill up the form provided at the website and mention your specifications. Once we know your requirements and preferences, our work begins accordingly. The process is rather simple. Our customer care service is available 24/7, which means you can initiate the discussion as per your convenience. However, we would like to get the pictures of your sofa taken from different angles in addition to the background. This will help us gauge about what color or fabric will be most suitable. Not to forget, we do not believe in charging exorbitantly. So that comes as a relief for most customers who are on the lookout for affordable options.

Customize your sofa bed with our fabrics


Our custom sofa bed slipcovers come in a wide array of colors, textures and fabrics. You can choose from ten base coordinated shades, after consulting us for we can determine what will be the ideal shade that would best fit your home. However, stay rest assured that we will never impose our opinion on you. It is only after you approve finally, we move ahead with your prized covers.
As regards fabrics are concerned, find yourself cotton and natural blends, velvets, premium linen, or the heavy duty fabrics like jacquard having special anti-shrinkage system. The 100% polyester materials also ensure that your chosen fabrics do not get spoilt as a result of too much wear and tear. To maintain their longevity, it’s a simple gentle cycle wash that you can do in your washing machine and your slipcovers will be much the same again. We always ensure that customers get the best Italian tailoring quality in their choices of slipcovers, lest they complain of stretch or other problems. Besides, the covers come with 3 years of quality guarantee so that chances of spoilage are minimized considerably. Also, there is an opening beneath the seat cushions that will allow for easy access to the mattress without you having to remove the slipcover. This works true for all the sofa bed covers.

Our tailored sofa bed slipcovers can be purchased in United States and Canada


So if you have been waiting to help your sofas slip into those covers, it’s time you do. At our unit, we begin from the design, move down to the manufacturing bit and pack in everything when ready and supply the product on time. You can make the payment by opting for the most feasible one, as provided in the website. Our shipping is done via FEDEX and charges, if any, are primarily meant for those customers who reside farther from our country. One thing we wish to remind customer is that conformed orders cannot be modified. In cases where the item/s goes through the production process, there’s no way we can make any changes or cancel before it gets for shipping. But we try our level best in making the modifications and comply with your requests if it’s possible from our end.
Since our products are totally custom tailored, we can only accept returns if serious production errors have been detected. For more information, you can read through the instructions and thereby send us an email or call us.

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