before and after custom slipcovers

Handmade meets all needs.
Some of our customers have sent us pictures of their sofas covered with a Coverissimo slipcover.
See how they fit

slipcovers for sofas with cushions separate
modern sofa slipcover
couch cover for sectional with chaise
t cushion sofa slipcover
slipcover for sofa with cushions separate
recliner couch covers
contemporary sofa slipcover
slipcover for couch with chaise
l shaped sectional slipcover
pillow back sofa slipcover
t cushion sofa slipcover
adjustable headrest slipcovers
slipcovers for sofas with non removable cushions
couch covers for curved couches
curved sectional sofa cover
cutom sectional slilpcover 6
curved sectional slipcover
leather sofa covers
slipcovers for couches and loveseats
slipcovers for sofas with cushions separate
armless and sectional slipcovers
extra large couch slipcovers
curved sectional couch cover

custom slipcovers ยป Before & after custom slipcovers