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It is important to keep in mind that on the total price we will apply a discount when you place an order.

Slipcovers images show you the price of the different elements that form your couch, your armchair or your chair.

How much do custom slipcovers cost ?

It doesn’t matter what height or size your sofa is, what shape your armrest is ( round, square, wedge, contoured, barrel), prices are to be considered as the following example.

If you have a 3 seater sofa with back and sitting cushions that can be removed, the total price will be: cover sofa/couch $ 160,00 + n. 3 covers zippered cushions single sitting $ 15,00 x 3 + n. 3 covers zippered cushions single back $ 15,00 x 3 = $ 250,00.

All prices include fabric

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Accessories. Zippered cushions ,pillows and chairs

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