replacement ikea sofa slipcovcovers

Replacement Ikea Sofa Slipcovers

Give Your Ikea Couch A New Life With Custom sofa Slipcovers.

Realizing your Ikea couch may be outdated does not mean you have to get rid of it. A slipcover can go a long way in giving your old couch a new life, and the best part is you can look into custom Ikea couch covers to ensure they fit each piece.


Slipcovers for Ikea couches and chairs

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The following images provide you only an example, as we can maker Ikea slipcovers for couches and chair with any shape and size.

High-Quality Fabrics

Coverissimo offers a variety of high-quality, non-stretch fabrics for your ikea sofa slipcovers. You can choose a dark or vibrant shade to stand out, or you can keep it simple by choosing a neutral shade. The slipcovers are made of 100 percent polyester with an anti-shrinkage system for durability. You can rest assured that your custom slipcovers are designed to last for many years.

Slipcovers for any model of ikea couch, also discontinued

Regardless of the shape and size of your couch, you can have your Ikea couch covers customized to fit any piece. The selection ranges from a standard three-seat couch or sofa bed to a U-shaped or L-shaped sectional couch. There are also slipcovers for couch pieces such as the headrest, arm cushions and seat cushions. You can keep the same look throughout your home by looking into custom slipcovers for your ottoman, armchairs or dining chairs.

What are the benefits of Replacement IKEA sofa slipcovers produced by Coverissimo ?

Slipcovers do more than just hide an outdated style or worn material. You can also order custom Ikea couch covers to protect your pieces from spills, dirt and dust. When you need to wash your slipcovers, you can place them in the washing machine on the gentle cycle.  Replacement slipcovers are great for homes with children, pets and frequent guests.

If you are looking to order custom Ikea couch covers, consider placing an order with Coverissimo. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can place an online order in just several minutes. You are sure to enjoy the appearance, quality and fit of your ikea sofa slipcovers.


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