6 Tips to Choose your Custom Sofa Cover.

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Here are 6 tips to follow in order to choose the color of the custom slipcovers according to the style and furnishings already present in your home.

These tips to change the color of the couch with new custom  slipcovers will be helpful in furnishing your home with class and style. When you choose the color of a slipcover it is essential to consider the furniture style that distinguishes the living room. A modern and minimalist design will prefer sofas with neutral tones, black and white for example, or bright tones, to break up the overall monotony. Warm colors will fit perfectly into rustic and country environments while beige tones will embellish a shabby chic living room. Here are 6 tips to choose the color of your custom slipcover.

  • Consider the style of furniture

In choosing the color of the custom slipcover you will need to consider at first the furniture style of the living room. A modern and minimalist design will privilege classic monochrome colors such as red and white, unless you want to break up the monotony with an original piece that attracts the general attention.

  • Match the color to the walls

Another tip to choose the color of the slipcover is to fit it on the walls. The classic white will easily match any tonality and fantasy, hot nuances such as yellow and red will require pendant sofas with details in the same shade.

  • Consider brightness

In a particularly bright living room you could opt for a darker slipcover to take off the brightness of the context, or point to tone sur ton for an even brighter and more spacious living room.

  • Use cool colors

Choose the color of the sofa cover in cool colors if you want to create a relaxing and modern space. The blue recalls the sky and the sea, suggesting a feeling of deep relaxation while the green stimulates mind and body.

  • Choose warm colors

Red, yellow, orange are the ideal chromatic choice to make the lounge cozy and hospitable.

  •  Point on natural colors

If you love country-style or the shabby one, the choice of sofa slipcovers will fall on natural shades : beige and gray are never out of fashion and easily fit into all styles.


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