Do your covers fit perfectly the sofa??

Yes, they do. All the covers we produce are specifically custom tailored. We follow the photos and measurements sent by the customer and then produce the personalized slipcovers considering that they will have to be easily movable for any washing.

Are your slipcovers resistant to cats’ nails and generally to pets’ hair? ?

In the world, there is no fabric endurable enough to cats’ nails. Whoever proposes that is cheating you. In order to remove pets’ hair from the slipcover, it is necessary to brush the related part before washing in the washing machine.

In the price section, do slipcovers’ prices include also fabric?

All prices of our slipcovers include fabrics.

Do you also produce Ikea sofa covers?

Of course, we do. We produce slipcovers for any sofa brand, including those of Ikea.