Are you looking for an Upholstery in New York City that renews your couch or your chair with a custom slipcover? Just a few clicks with coverissimo

custom slipcovers in new york city

It happens very often to talk with a friend and to hear him say “I would like to find an affordable solution to renew my couch, but I do not know where to look. The answer to this doubt is Coverissimo. Few steps are enough and the problem of renewing your sofa with a custom slipcover here in New York City is solved! The long process of searching for a tailored solution for your furniture disappears thanks to the help of our upholstery. Instead of relying on word of mouth, everything goes online, just like a trip or a holiday, and you can spend your time on the things you love most, from family to friends, from sports to relax

An easy, comfortable and inexpensive service for the manufacture of custom slipcovers in New York City.

Finding an inexpensive upholstery service that makes custom slipcovers in New York is an impossible thing. For this reason Coverissimo serves all its customers with a team with over 25 years of experience giving the opportunity to renew their furniture at affordable costs and combining the quality of a reliable service with the convenience of online management. As you have understood, we are not talking about a traditional upholstery service but a real ” online tailor made” system designed to provide custom slipcovers for couch and chairs in New York City  following just few steps.

For sectional couch custom slipcovers in New York City choose Coverissimo

How much do sectional custom slipcovers cost? Who is the best custom slipcovers maker near me? Choose  Coverissimo with a rich list of advantages offered to its customers, ask for a quote now, there is no need to register on the portal, everything is easy and fast and without obligation. We provide a simple and clear service, through live chat you can also communicate with one of our operators always available to all your questions. Buying in New York custom slipcovers for sofas, dining chairs and chairs with our online service is really easy.

Order your custom slipcovers for any model sofa and chair in New York City.

Security and flexibility in the services offered by Coverissimo: it is the perfect solution to meet all the needs of our customers who are looking for an online service to renew or protect their furniture with a tailored cover. Remember that our website offers Paypal payment service which, in addition to guaranteeing traceability, supports the best security for our customers. All our prices are transparent and all clearly indicated on the site. There are no hidden costs for additional fees.  A multitude of advantages in choosing Coverissimo. Do not miss this opportunity

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The following images provide you only an example, as we can maker custom slipcovers for couches and chair with any shape and size

Hey New York , we've got you covered

Whether you need a custom slipcovers in Brooklyn | Manhattan | Queens | The Bronx | State Island

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