How to maintain your slipcovers effectively?

How to maintain your slipcovers effectively

Furniture has become a vital integral part in the modern times as it adds up to the beauty of it, may it be in a residence, hotels, concert places, etc. These places mostly include seating arrangements like chairs and sofas, whose cleanliness needs to be maintained at top priority and at regular intervals. All this furniture comes equipped with slipcovers which not only keeps your furniture safe from getting dirty but also helps it give a fashionable touch.

Slipcovers have become a modern trend in the society and it necessary to cope up with the upcoming trends. These are quite affordable and that said it majorly helps to keep your chairs and sofas effectively cleaner. Nowadays, according to the places at which the furniture is to be used or even the type of look you want, a variety of slipcovers are available in the market.

An option for a complete makeover: If you are willing to change your furniture because of the same old looks of it or the old slip covers got worn or damaged, no need to change the whole furniture set. Just replace the old slipcovers of it by new ones. This will surely help to give it a brand-new look and of course will save your pockets as well.

Varied looks: People have different requirements for the looks of furniture according to the way they think. So the vendors do make available an option of custom-made slipcovers which proves to be flexible with respect to the thoughts of their customers.

Seasonal themes: As the seasons change, the way of people’s living also changes. The same applies to the furniture for which most of the people opt for seasonal themes for their furniture.

Home-based theme: This is the most common option opted by people for the furniture setup of their residences. It might be the paint-scheme used for the walls, or the designs-scheme of the interiors, people usually are seen buying furniture sets matching these themes. If you feel like replacing your old furniture with new ones, you just need to buy new slipcovers based on the above home-based themes.

Fabrics: There are many fabric options available in the market for slipcovers according to the surroundings or many other aspects to be considered. Of these options, leather is the most preferred one because it gives a luxurious look to your residence interiors and is quite user-friendly. The most advantageous thing is that minimum efforts are required in order to clean it. Velvet fabric is also preferred by many due to its lavish and rich looks.

Maintenance of slipcovers


It is very common that people might enjoy their food sitting of their sofas, and sometimes the food spills on it and make the set dirty. This is even seen happening in hotels. If these spills and other dirt are not cleaned immediately, it might lead to permanent damage to the fabric of slipcovers of the furniture. Here are some easy to do maintenance tipswhich require minimum efforts.

Food-spills: Firstly, clean the excessive spills as soon as possible. Look for the depth of the stain and accordingly clean the fabric either by a simple wet cloth or a cloth soaked in detergent. You need to first decide the nature of detergent you use, because if appropriate type of detergent is not used, it may lead to destruction of slipcover-fabric.

Vacuum cleaning: In day-to-day life, lot of dust and dirt gets accumulated on the furniture. To remove this without consuming much of the time, a vacuum cleaner can be used. Care should be taken that fabric does not get destroyed due to the use of cleaner. So to avoid this, prior to cleaning it you should first test the vacuum cleaner on a hidden fabric of the furniture, and then if you are sure about harmless cleaning, proceed further with further cleaning the slipcovers.

Moisture-cleaning: In rainy season when your surroundings are moist up to certain extent and it gets accumulated on your furniture fabric as well, a hair-dryer proves to be most useful do get rid of it. The moisture on fabric leads to moisture-rings which results in damage. Just take care that the dryer should be set of the lowest possible heat-setting in order to avoid the destruction of fabric.

Washing based on the nature of fabric: If the fabric of slipcovers is other than leather, you can simply wash it in your washing machine (setting the washing machine to appropriate washing conditions). If the slipcover material is of leather, you can just rub a soaked cloth on it for cleaning dirt or dust on it. Some fabrics are too delicate to be washed in washing machines. So in such a case you can wash it using warm water or mild soap solution and use a soft-toothed brush to clean the stains thoroughly.

Laundry wash: There are some laundries which provide washing services for furniture fabrics. If it is not possible for you to wash the slipcovers at home, you can simply take them to the laundry as they are experts and know how to wash it.

Appointing an agency: In most of the cities, there are some specialized agencies that are meant for home-cleaning purposes. They have a team of some people which will visit your place, have a look at your furniture sets and based on the fabric of the slipcovers they will carry-out their standard procedures for cleaning. They obviously will charge you for this, but this will all take place in a well-mannered where you got nothing to worry about.

It’s very easy to maintain your furniture at a primary level, you just need to take care that it doesn’t get destroyed to due to anything done wrong by you.

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