How to Choose Slipcovers for your Sofa

how to choose slipcovers for your sofa-

Sofa is an integral part of every home! Whether you have a traditional spacious home or a modern open layout structure, sofa or a couch is a must have piece of furniture. There are infinite designs of sofas available in the market so choosing the perfect sofa for your home may end up leaving you confused. When you are investing in a sofa, your first priority will be making sure that the sofa stays spic and clean. Maintenance of a sofa can directly influences the life of a sofa and its appeal. Keeping the sofa covered is one of the best ways to prevent dust or any other damage to it. But this does not mean that you spread a bed sheet or a big piece of cloth on the sofa and ruin its look. All you need is a sofa slip cover! Don’t worry! You do not need to settle for dull, ill-fitting standard sofa covers as you have the option of choosing your own sofa cover. With custom sofa slipcovers, you can choose the fabric and styling of your choice and according to your home interiors.

About Custom Slipcovers

Slipcovers are not only an ideal option for new furniture, but they also make a simple way to update your old sofas or couches. If you are looking for simple ways to redecorate your home interiors, there is nothing better than adding slipcovers to couches and sofas. These slipcovers bring a cosmetic change rather than structural one, thus ensuring that there is not a lot of investment involved.

Benefits of Custom Slipcovers

As a piece of furnishing, slipcover comes to the rescue of homeowners battling to preserve the look of their sofa or couches. Don’t throw away your old, comfortable sofa just because its look does not match your There are several benefits of slipcovers including –

  • Give makeover to your living room space
  • Change the look and feel of your old sofa or couch
  • Easy to clean in comparison to sofa upholstery
  • Prevents expensive sofa upholstery from damage, spills and stains
  • Brings a new look to any place due to its versatility
  • Customize as per the theme or interiors of your home
  • Many fabrics  for the slipcovers: colors, textures, materials and styles to choose from
  • Easy way to bring a change to a boring space
  • Low maintenance efforts and costs

Custom Slipcover Tips


If you think selecting a sofa or couch was a challenging choice, wait until you start slipcover shopping. With the endless variety and styles to choose from, you surely are going to have a hard time finalizing a design. Well, the slipcover you choose will depend on your functional requirement, properties you are looking for and the aesthetics of your home. Here are few tips that will help you choose the right slipcover for your sofa

  • First and foremost choose a look that you want in your living area. Do you want a formal feel to your living room? Or is a flowing effect in your mind for a casual effect? The look you want will influence the choice of fabric. It will also influence the color and texture of fabric you opt for. Choose between relaxed and tailored, formal and contemporary or any other design.
  • What are your functional requirements or features you are looking for? If there are children in your home, your priority will be a slipcover that is stain resistant. Similarly, if you have pets at home, you will need a scratch resistant, durable and strong slipcover.
  • While designing the slipcover, make sure you do not hide the design elements of your sofa. It is not necessary that the slipcover goes all the way down to the floor. It can stop short on the legs or simply cover the seating area. A slipcover is a protective layer for your sofa but make sure it does not hide it’s the best features of your piece.
  • While choosing a fabric, remember that not all upholstery fabrics are suitable for slipcovers. You should opt for a fabric that has medium weight. Very light weight fabrics tend to slip while in case of heavy fabrics, it becomes difficult to take the shape of couch or sofa.
  • For proper customization, pay attention to small details as these details can make a big difference. Right from lace details to tassels, intricate details can truly customize the look of your slipcover.
  • There is no one size fits all when it comes to slipcovers. Also, a sofa sees a lot of wear and tear in its life. So, make sure the design of slipcover is in a way that it can be easily taken off and put for washing. Even the fabric you choose should easy to clean and maintain. You should be able to slip off the covers and put them in washing machine for cleaning without putting too many efforts.
  • Do not opt for transparent or loosely woven fabrics to make sure the fabric of sofa underneath is not visible. Loosely woven fabrics also allow dust and other particulates to pass on to the sofa upholstery below and accumulate on its surface.

When you invest in an expensive sofa, a slipcover gives you peace of mind that no guest or stain will ruin your sofa. Similarly, when you are redesigning an old furniture piece, a slipcover is the best way to give a new look and feel to it. Opting for custom slipcovers is the perfect solution to change the appeal of your sofa.

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